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TEACHERS: Encourage kids to cycle to school

If more of your pupils cycled to school everyone would benefit: the children themselves, the wider school community and the population as a whole.More

Sankalp functioning : retrospect last 6 months

Functions of Sankalp: Our Teaching is not confined to books. We have framed our syllabus in a way to groom the overall personality of the individual(s).More

Sankalp:education initiative by NIRMA MBA students

Sankalp – The Foundation, is what we named our initiative as. It is a students’ initiative to educate the workers at the mess.More

Urban Slum Children — Help their Education

Hi,You know that we started an NPO (Non Profit Organization) called ‘SVECHHA FOUNDATION’ in Hyderabad.More

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela

Education alone will act as an equalizer between the rich and the poor. An educated child stands more chance to survive in today's world. Moreover he/she can bring about a change to the lives of people who are deprived of necessities.
With this in mind, we at Svechha, are striving to provide education to as many children as possible. At Svechha, we help provide education to children who are made to work as child labor. We also help educate children who would otherwise be unable to pay for school fees, most of them live in slums or are orphans. Our goal also includes providing better school infrastructure for the schools as most of the schools in rural areas do not have adequate equipment or basic infrastructure required for the proper functioning of a school.
You can help us educate children and spread awareness of the current condition of schools by joining our program.

Empower through Education – Slum Children, Orphans & Disabled kids

  • Educate a child who lost parents,
  • Educate a child neglected by an alcoholic father,
  • Educate a child without father,
  • Educate a poor child, who is intelligent with no money to attend a good school,
  • Educate a child, at the risk of turning into child labor,
  • Educate a poor disabled kid to become self-sufficient.

How we do it?

Svechha picks up the children from the slums after interacting with them regularly, mentors them at least once a month.  The schools are identified mainly based on academic focus. Their annual progress cards are mailed annually to the sponsors.

Svechha supports an orphanage, a children home with rescued child labor and a disabled kids school. We support the education of these children. We constantly monitor their progress, inform the sponsors and help them with the necessities like school uniforms, school bags.

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