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  • Do you get irritated when the power goes off for an hour or too? Imagine living in darkness all your life with the help of may be a Kerosene lamp, that too in deep forest which may bring dangers from snakes and wild animals at night! Svechha decided to light up their lives 3 years …

Freedom From Darkness – Solar Lamps to light up lives

Do you get irritated when the power goes off for an hour or too? Imagine living in darkness all your life with the help of may be a Kerosene lamp.More


Social Tourism – Trekking trip Plan by Svechha Foundation during “Joy of Giving” week -REGISTER by Sep 28th Trek2Help (Oct 2nd- Oct 4th) – Join for more updates.More

Light Up Dark Lives – You can be Edison for Them

Even 129 years after Thomas Edison invented Light bulb(October 1879), Can you believe that there are people still living in darkness? More

Solar lights to the entire village of Taadiguda and Karrimaamidi

Phase 2: 25 lights were distributed to ST hostel in the tribal area near Rampachodavaram, East Godavari Dt.More

Light Up Dark Lives – Solar lamps to unelectrified villages – Mission Adilaba

Phase 1: Rampur village:More

Light Up Dark Lives – Solar lamps to unelectrified villages – Mission Adilaba

Phase 2: Trek to Help --Project Adilabad – Kolamguda villageMore
Phase 2: Trek to Help --Project Adilabad – Kolamguda village

Amongst our many sponsors, The Liquid Hub has been a steady support and extremely enthusiastic in the
execution of many of our works .The aid collected from the employees and the management of the liquid hub
during the joy of giving week was entirely pledged to the rural solar electrification. Not only did they sponsor
the whole trek but also joined us on the trek.

We started off from Hyderabad around midnight on a Friday night with the plan of trekking the
whole of Saturday. The svechha team comprising of the regular trekkers our president Sridevi and her trekking
henchmen Rajesh, Dinesh and Manish reached Belampally in Adilabad. Reaching a few hours earlier than the
liquid hub team, we were housed in the quarters of Shyam sunder Reddy, our local correspondent. The team

from the liquid hub occupied Singareni collieries guest house and were ready to go by 8 in the morning. With
a light breakfast served and eaten, the crew started to our next checkpoint for the trek which was a tribal hostel
in the Tiriyani mandal. By 12.30 in the noon we were able to reach the checkpoint, and started arranging the
gear for our long trek. Each of us was decked up a little water, a few fruits, biscuits and juices while the heavier
loads such as the poles and panels were loaded on to the bullock cart of a local villager.

The ADE of the electricity department of the area helped us isolate a village
Pujariguda as the target village which was 8 kms walk from the tribal hostel. Walking through the rough
terrain with very little vegetation and far spaced trees directed the noon heat onto our heads starting a string
of dizzy spells. No one was ready for the shock that awaited us at the end of the 3 hr trek, the village to
which we were to supply the lights had been electrified just a week back!. Making the best of the situation,
we could understand from the locals that a tribal hamlet of Govenguda which was another 3 hrs trek was in
total darkness. By calculating the risk of a possible night trek through the forest, we made our way towards
Govenguda, which was separated from the other hamlets by a river and a dense forest. The trek through the
forests to Govenguda was by far the lushes’ of all the patches the trek had to offer. The abundantly present
fox holes were empty drawing disappointment from our fellow trekkers. The morale of the group started a
downslide, when they had to start rationing water. A few precautions not followed started costing few trekkers
dearly. Luckily before the things turned any bad, we go the first glimpse of the hamlet above the hill. The
adrenaline further peaked when the crew from LIQUID HUB was asked to cross the river carrying the heavy
poles and panels and they raised to the occasion.

15mins of talk with the village head was all that was required to gather the villager’s attention and cooperation.
With the both teams swinging into action immediately, while one was assembling the panels and the other
digging a pit for panel pole, it wasn’t more than an hour before we could finish our job of distributing the lamps
and explaining the working to the villagers. Accepting both their gratitude and local tea, we eased our aching
muscles for a few minutes. A few actually managed a power nap too, thanks to the long walk through the hot
sun followed by treacherous forest. While Suresh was in consultation with Shyam sunder and our local guide
regarding the shortest way back, Rajesh and Manish were allotted the garbage and plastic collection job while
Dinesh was clicking away to glory.

It took us quite an effort when we had to confront the trek party that the walk balk was about 9 kms long sans
the rations and through the dense forests which were thick with wild animals. Most ironical was the fact that we
had to depend on the same solar lamps we bought in excess to distribute that were the guiding light on our way
back. With not more than 4 litres of water spread between almost 12 trekkers for almost all through the walk we
figured a tough walk ahead. Armed with nothing but walking sticks and solar lamps we started our trail back
to civilization in the evening. The walk back was as eventful as the whole trail, with occasional appearances
of local tribal dancers making their way to the town and many villagers in the transit villagers mistaking us for
the naxalites and shutting the doors right on our faces. With a lot of convincing from our local guide we were
offered a little water and few biscuits from one such pitstop. This was enough to get us going for the rest of our
trek. With just a few hundred yards left to the main road for a pickup, few trekkers gave in to the exhaustion
and collapsed. It took a lot of urging from their friends to get them moving again. It was almost 11 in the
night when we reached the road and were totally unaware of the fact that a few villagers had reported a trail of
walkers through the forests to police who sent in a search party to confirm our identity. It was this scout party
who tugged the exhausted trekkers to the minibus.

With no one left behind, we started back to reach Tiriyani where our lunch had to be re heated to form our
dinner. Digging right at the food, none bothered about what they were chewing at. With a tasty meal gulped
down even before they relished its taste, the team from LIQUID HUB started back to Hyderabad without a halt
at Bellampally.


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