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Privacy Policy
This Website is owned and operated by Svechha. We appreciate your visit to this website and we recognize that you may be concerned about the safety and privacy of information that you may provide us. The Privacy Policy provided below should address some of your concerns. For any additional concerns or thoughts, please contact us through The privacy policy may be changed or updated periodically.

We fully respect the privacy your privacy and take every measure to ensure safety of your information. You are not required to register with us to go through the website and any information that you wish to provide is fully voluntary.

What information do we seek

If you desire, you can provide your name and email id. This will not only enable us to track who has visited to the site, but also enables us to contact you if you would like to get involved or inform you of any events being organized. This information will be solely used by members of Svechha for internal purposes. Additionally, we may be required to provide your information to law enforcement organizations should they desire. Svechha will have no legal liability for such disclosures

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